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Back then, maybe like 2 years ago when I wanted to create my own logo I was struggling with it for quite some time. By being in the industry for years and delivering tons of digital pieces for companies and entrepreneurs that are active in different industries and focusing on audiences that might vary from one to another it wasn’t about the skills. It was about the idea, concept and…well, you should go on with reading.

While on projects I always delivered awesome products quite fast, always for the client’s satisfaction and usually above their expectations. But when it came to my own logo I was like “I’m the guy that can relate every single piece of this world and imagination to user experience, let’s make something great”. You know, when it’s your own thing you take all the effort you can (and even more) to pull out the best and then to push it to the highest. I was way excited to see this done.

Stage 1 – Basic Idea (Easy):

First of all this had to be a logo for me and my name, something that represents me, my ideas and what I do.

I kicked it off by clarifying what I wanted to see and that was made up by the starting letters of my name, “S” from Stefan and “B” from Buzas. The reason behind this was quite simple, it was pure marketing for my name. It wasn’t just that from “S” and “B” a specific audience, people in the digital world or some area of it, and sooner or later the open public might figure out to whom it belongs (which is quite possible with hard work), however with this one wherever the logo or my name appears I can always use the other one too. This is the short version of this stage with the main outlines.

Stage 2 – Big Idea – Concepts of the logo itself, not the design (Easy):

Here I made myself clear about what I wanted the logo to be like. I wanted something that lasts for as much time as possible, of course based on the knowledge we have at this point. This wasn’t too much of marketing, however this side too might turn out pretty well in time, it was more like a “footprint in the world” idea. Next in the line, I definitely wanted something that can be considered a luxury one, suggesting top quality (and not just) of not only what it looks like, but also what it holds in his heart and what it represents, that would be me on the first place and my skills on the second one. Again, this is the short version only with the main outlines.

Stage 3 – What would the people like to see? (Medium to Hard):

This was tough and I always find this as an interesting one. I had 2 main ideas for this one: “you can have the best thing ever created if people don’t buy it…” and “if it’s good, people will buy it no matter what”. Unfortunately or not, both are true!

During the years of my activity I learnt (hardy, or I just didn’t want to accept it at first) that around 75% of the people “tend” to want things that are “low-cost” and of poor quality, so sad but so true. Well, it’s not actually that sad, some just have normal ideas, which is great, we see the world differently. Others don’t want to like poor things, but many don’t want to keep up with trends, many don’t care and don’t understand what’s good today and what might have a bright future. Sometimes I can help, but when they take some serious efforts in order to not see through the window, well, I just give them what they want. This happens too with around 60% of my freelancing work. I just end up more than less with no portfolio in these cases because my clients ask me to do projects in ways and with results that I just can’t be proud of, but like at all.

But this is all good, because we’re all different and we have different ideas about the world. I learnt to offer what people would like to see and what they’re paying for and I do more than well that too.

So back to my logo, I went one mile further and said “Sometimes you have to offer what has to be offered, rather than what people want”. You can book it, it’s an original “quote” or whatever that came out during a process of work. I went with this one because it was MY logo; and that has to be on another level!

Stage 4 – Design Concepts (Medium):

I definitely wanted to make it minimal, clean and user-friendly (which isn’t always what people want to see).

Well, I am kind of a creative guy, definitely not the best one, but I just like how its contrary sounds and I love to gossip that, but I am open minded, I can be pretty much the worst one. Based on the first part of my previous sentence I started to come up with design concepts and ideas for ways to combine these 2 letters, “S” and “B”. Now if you take a look at these 2, you’re like “hmm…” most probably (in case in which you are aiming something good and of quality, not something poor). While failing over and over again (failing for what I wanted to achieve, not for what people wanted to see, I had mostly no interest in that on this case) with several totally unique concepts, I went for shapes, objects, etc. I ended up with a “heart”. That was pretty nice I said because it also represents “love”. I was like if I am able to work this one around it might also turn out as something people want to see.

Stage 5 – Final Logo (Medium):

So, I ended up with 3 “final” concepts and was about to choose the best an push it, they were all amazing as logos. The only problem was that none represented all the stuff I wanted them to, only partially (more than less, but not all). And then Beng…it hit me like lightning. I wiped them off and based on them and other ideas I made the perfect one. The logo that represented me and had all my visions, in shape of “love” was there.

Now, this whole process took around 1-2 weeks (no, not from a morning to the other one and that again), don’t imagine that it was all happening in a couple of minutes or hours. However if we combine the actual work (not including thinking about it that would add some days) we end up with just a couple of hours.

Do you know those people that first create a Brand or Product and then they come up with stories like this one, “behind the name” or whatever? I know them and I don’t want to mention them in the article dedicated to ME and MY logo, but for sure you’ll get an article about them very soon. What’s important is that I am not one of those people. This actually happened like I said, of course, this was its short version.

Well, thank you for reading my article, I hope that this one is able to inspire and help you. Good luck on your journey and don’t forget to keep an eye out for mine because there are big things to come.

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