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The following is an unranked list that encompasses my favorite brands, based on my own standards and what marketing with user experience stands for in my opinion.


Its cinematic universe is everything the user experience stands for, from its engaging content and the long-term marketing (kicking off with solo movies then making everything collide at several points to pull out emotions and push the story even further), to the on-screen user-friendly colors and aesthetics.

The content is well. Characters are pretty complex today and their personalities are huge extras when it comes to box office revenues. Who isn’t curious about Tom Holland’s phenomenal Spider Man?! Who doesn’t like Stark’s replies or the jokes around Thor, Loki and Hulk?! The story is engaging (and good), your neighbour is most probably looking forward to see what’s next for Bucky and Steve, Thor‘s lost eye or Thanos. Here we have a thing, “an engaging story is a better story than a good one”. You must learn the difference. Am I trying to present my own statement as ancient wisdom? No, it’s my own and it’s quite new, but do you see the marketing I do here (it’s from GoT in case you missed it, but if you knew it I probably just made your day). Environments started to become more interesting recently (though Asgard was always fine), colors became eye-catching and world aesthetics (from props to costumes/fashion) became awesome. Have you seen Wakanda and its people in the Black Panther trailer? If you did or you saw Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 or Thor: Ragnarok you know what I am talking about.

And it all comes down to user experience and what people love, becoming solid arguments behind getting to the premiers. A simple statement, reply, joke, scene, cameo (see Stan Lee) and tons of other small things are actually forming a huge marketing campaign. Well, I have some issues with the lack of creativity behind some “creative” content, but I’ll dedicate another article for this. Aside from that, Marvel is fantastic for what we have out there, it’s not perfect, but is there a better one?

I was talking only about Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, rather than comics, cartoons, toys, video games or TV Shows. In case you are wondering, they’re also great (usually), see the recently released Punisher on Netflix as an example.

Victoria’s Secret:

I am “falling” for things that have high standards. VS doesn’t really offer products for me, but I know how to appreciate what’s good. As a side note here: You also have to know how to appreciate something you don’t like or actually hate (not my case here).

So let’s see what I like about VS. I start it with their collections that offer high-end and well designed products. But this is not special yet. Let’s go further, VS has their contracted models, called Angels, that promote the brand and their products. Aside from being stunning, they do a pretty good job on Instagram. They have millions of genuine fans that would “kill” for them. Still, it’s not something “wow” yet. Did you see VS 2017 fashion show? I guess you didn’t since it will be streaming on Nov 28, but you probably found a video online about Ming Xi who fell 2 days ago. It was an emotional moment because more than 3000 guests sent love and supported her, just like her fellow models did and later another million of Instagram followers. Their fanbase is strong, that’s how they manage to promote and make Victoria’s Secret so awesome.

This sounds fine, but let’s see more. They team up with others, see Balmain, that can open gates for new audiences and customers, but this is more common. What about the collaborations like the ones with Marron 5’s Animals on Swim Special or David Guetta and Justin Bieber’s 2U video? That’s when a lot of new fans step in. They’re awesome and it’s a fine marketing strategy. Even if that’s not the purpose, it’s there and it’s happening.

Next in the line, and the pinnacle of it is their fashion show, the most awaited fashion event of the year. If you are studying art, design, marketing or user experience you have to watch their shows, they can radically improve your skills and knowledge if you are open minded. Look at those looks, colors and aesthetics (don’t confuse them), they’re awesome. Then the on-stage presence is something you enjoy watching while listening to amazing singers that top the whole experience. VS is great and it rocks the marketing stuff.


If you didn’t hear about it I don’t judge you but it’s time to do a Google search (not yet, first finish reading the article). A jewelry and accessory brand, Northskull is blending styles with unique designs and is offering fresh and friendly products with great aesthetics. They’re creative and they have great concepts and ideas to base on their products. The brand is outstanding, but it is not the perfect brand, there is none. For me Northskull stands as a concept for what big brands and famous entrepreneurs fail to deliver.

Honorable mention: Ubisoft, I have to include this as an example of something great that takes some serious efforts to be bad, without realizing it unfortunately. I’ll dedicate another article for this one, but in short, check where Ubisoft stood back then with Prince of Persia, the first Assassin’s Creed games, Ghost Recon Phantoms and where they stand now with whatever you find (maybe without Origins that turned out to be good for some, but including Wildlands). Ubisoft is up and down, when it’s up it’s truly amazing, however when it’s down it can be disgusting (especially their “moves”, rather than games).

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